The Love/Hate Challenge

Erika Kind invited me to this challenge, and it sounds like a useful one. To participate  I have to list ten things that I love and then ten things that I hate and nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.

Though “hate” is a strong word, I think I’ve made a good list for all of you!

10 things I love:

  1. My amazing sons
  2. Beauty
  3. Paris – all of it!
  4. Hot showers
  5. Clean sheets
  6. A fireplace, afghan, and hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s night
  7. Movie musicals
  8. Anything vintage 1920s – clothes, architecture, lingo, music, dance, historical figures, etc.!
  9. Absolut Citron
  10. Historical fiction, from Robert Alexander to Tasha Alexander.

springtime in paris10 things I hate:

  1. People who “know” the answers and aren’t willing to listen to other perspectives.
  2. Smacking – when people chew with their mouth open.
  3. Lazy men who can’t lead or make decisions in a relationship.
  4. Girls who feel the need to dress like they’re in the bedroom when in public.
  5. Hypocracy.
  6. Dogs that shed all over the house – like, enough to gather it up and create another small pet in one day.
  7. Dirty restrooms.
  8. Horror films and psychological thrillers.
  9. Snakes. Oh goodness, do I hate snakes.
  10. Disrespect of anyone.

I nominate:

Lady Earlene


Mixed Metas

Wuji Seshat 


The Music Within Us



Black Lace and Glitter


Thank you for the nomination, Erika!

Lady Grey

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